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Econsulate Quality Policy


Econsulate is dedicated to deliver high-quality talent acquisition and software development services that exceed customer expectations. Our commitment lies in continuous improvement, strict adherence to ISO 9001 standards, and maintaining an unwavering focus on quality.

Our commitments include:

Customer Satisfaction:

We understand our customers' requirements and provide effective communication and solutions that meet or exceed their expectations.

Continual Improvement:

Through ongoing monitoring, analysis, and measurement of our performance, we identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions to enhance the quality of our services.

Competence and Training:

We support our team members possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and training to effectively perform their roles, stay updated with industry best practices, and deliver high-quality services.

Process Efficiency:

We continually streamline and optimize our talent acquisition and software development processes to improve efficiency, minimize errors, and deliver timely and cost-effective solutions.

Compliance and Standards:

We adhere to applicable legal, regulatory, and industry standards by aligning our processes with ISO 9001 to consistently meet quality objectives and deliver excellence.

Risk Management:

We proactively identify and manage risks associated with talent acquisition and software development by minimizing potential risks and safeguarding our clients' interests.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

We foster strong relationships and partnerships with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders, leveraging by collective expertise to enhance our capabilities and deliver exceptional services.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction:

We value our employees and create a positive work environment that promotes engagement, creativity, professional growth, and work-life balance.

This Quality Policy serves as a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives, fostering a culture of quality throughout our organization, and ensuring that our talent acquisition and software development processes consistently meet the highest standards of excellence.

Approved By

Subodha Perera

Chief Executive Officer