E-consulate is an organization born out of a passion for innovation. But from our inception days, we have also focused on creating value for our employees, clients, and community. These values have strengthened and guided E-consulate throughout its journey.

We are a team of engineers, business analysts and designers with a passion for innovation and design. Our corporate culture is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Here everyone has the opportunity to test their own ideas in our creative laboratory. The ideas that show great potential and meet - or even exceed - a need for the market will be developed and launched.



A comfortable and productive work environment can significantly increase employee engagement. Higher employee engagement can have a positive effect for the entire organization in addition to improving the physical and emotional well-being of the employees.

Building a fun and friendly work environment increases employee morale! At E-consulate, we encourage our E-consulites to have fun by organizing various entertaining activities. E-consulate offers an equal platform for all personalities. We encourage our Econsulites to have a healthy work-life balance.Thus, we often plan Funtainment activities for our team members to relieve stress and reclaim their sense of adventure!



Sinhala and Tamil Awurudu 2023

Annual Bash - Hawaiian Night - 2022

New Year Celebration - 2023

Thai Pongal Celebration - 2023


Life at Econsulate


Social Responsibility

E-consulate is committed to actively participating in the global goal of “reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20% in 2030” via digital solutions.

Our employees are given the freedom to work from home, and virtually connect, to reduce the need for fuel and electricity consumption across facilities. We are partnering with nonprofits/ CSOs to donate old devices to the underprivileged, with the aim of reducing e-waste of reusable items. As a responsible IT service provider, we strive to responsibly recycle tech tools and devices, through an e-waste management policy.

We pledge to mitigate the emission footprint of these digital technologies, ensuring to positively impact our planet.