We organize our talents and expertise into a PEOPLE solution that is focused on developing solutions to meet the challenges we encounter, such as efficiently adapting product roadmaps, recruiting and retaining talent, and keeping the client at the centre of the business.

We support your in-house team by providing end-to-end resource solutions that focus on retention, training, and development so that you can focus on the key operations. E-consulate believes in collective intelligence. We house talents that can support you in providing solutions to complex problems.

Companies are under a lot of pressure today to increase performance and productivity. Econsulate's Extended Hive Model Outsourcing can be a beneficial strategy for both early-stage businesses and existing organizations due to factors such as rapid expansion, limited talent and resource availability, and the need to concentrate on key competencies rather than mundane chores. We assist companies with increasing productivity and scalability while they focus their efforts and resources on their core business operations through the use of cutting-edge technology.

There's a good probability that the core team of employees your HR team spent a lot of time hiring, onboarding, and training already works for your software development business. But what if an "ideal" work shows up at your door, but you don't have the resources or time to find, hire, onboard, or educate additional staff to perform it? The best talent is given to you for the duration of your long- or short-term project without the need to retain them as a permanent employee.