Empowering humankind through innovation by being the disruptors in research and development.


At E-consulate, we strive to defy the odds and rise to the challenge. We plan to revolutionize and disrupt the existing tech landscape by building a dynamic and dedicated team of innovators. We strongly believe that investing in our E-consulites is the gateway to success. E-consulate is working towards becoming a Fortune 500 company by the year 2027.

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All successful innovations start with an idea. An idea that maybe first seemed impossible to implement, a little crazy even. But someone saw the potential, and said, “Let's do it.”

E-consulate is an organization born out of deep passion and innovation. We lead the revolution of the supply chain, disaster management and other industries by developing the future's digital solutions. We specialize in developing products with user experiences and user interfaces that benefit our customers and their end users.

E-consulate is building an epicenter for innovators and creators. We believe in providing our employees with the space to experiment and be creative. Our disruptive innovations led us to build revolutionizing digital solutions for the supply chain and disaster management sectors.

We are working toward becoming a disruptive force in the information and technology sector and extending our services to international clients. Our team takes pride in providing software solutions focused on improving the end-user experience.

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Econsulate Group

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econsulate around the world

At E-consulate, we lead the revolution of the supply chain, education, and other industries by developing the future's digital solutions. We specialize in developing products with user experiences and user interfaces that benefit our customers and their end users. E-consulate's business hub is in Portugal, a country known to be highly innovative and dynamic. We are further planning to expand our aforementioned services to the European market.

Econsulate has formed a joint venture with TASA (TASA Solutions Sdn Bhd - TASA) and launched TASA Lanka to further expand its horizons. We were able to successfully drive the operations whilst onboarding globally recognized clients.

We recognize that expanding into the global market is no small feat, but we are confident in our ability to do so successfully. Our experienced team and commitment to providing exceptional products and services will be integral to our success. We are committed to reaching new markets and providing our products and services to a wider audience.

Econsulate Group


Econsulate has left its mark in a broad array of industries with its solutions such as enterprise web development, end-to-end resource solutions (Extended Hive Model), shipping management platforms, autonomous robotic platforms and delivering realistic “Experience Solutions” to brands.

At E-consulate, we are constantly working to increase the quality and development speed of the products and services we deliver. Through this effective process, we have earned the trust and respect of our valuable clients.


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We support your in-house team by providing end-to-end resource solutions that focus on retention, training, and development so that you can focus on the key operations. E-consulate believes in collective intelligence. We house talents that can support you in providing solutions to complex problems through the use of cutting-edge technology.

  1. Extended hive model
  2. Enterprise web development
  3. UI Designing
  4. Quality Engineering
  5. Product Development
  6. Cloud Service
scm studio


SCM's Bridge is a unified end-to-end shipping management platform. Bridge ensures that all operations and functions related to shipping are seamlessly organized and executed.

  1. Monitor real-time shipment movements
  2. Optimize your shipping operations with customized solutions
  3. Raise purchase orders
  4. Mitigate risks in transit
  5. Efficiently manage all of your documentation and data
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tasa lanka


TASA Lanka is about identifying, deploying, and delivering realistic “Experience Solutions” to brands. Its Values, Experience and Solutions uplift brands.

Our solutions holistically cover each brand's CX (Customer Experience), UX (User Experience), SCX (Supply Chain Experience) and Management Experience (MX) requirements.

TASA Lanka strongly believes that it's time that organizations revamp their experience strategy and take control of their brand journey. TASA operates on an open book business model and our clients have control of their preferred business model.

We believe that your brand's experience strategy must be an evolution across all business verticals (B2C, B2B, B2B2C). Therefore, our Experience solutions enable businesses to uplift their overall Experience Strategy.

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Xavier is our venture created to cater to our clients who are in the market for Al-enhanced robotics. Currently, Xavier Al has been working on a prototype called Xavier to aid in Disaster Management and is on the verge of completion.

Our multi-robot communication platform is being developed to enable a group of robotic units to collaborate to help with disaster management. Every year billions worth of property is wasted due to manmade and natural disasters, we believe a product such as this could at the very least help recover some of the wastage.

This is also applicable to rescuing human lives, equipping these units with the right sensors across our Al platform, we will be able to pinpoint survivor locations and identify those in need of medical assistance.

  1. Extended research and development services
  2. Pragmatic and highly collaborative approach towards development
  3. Technical support
  4. A highly reliable autonomous navigation system
  5. Autonomous navigation mapping software
  6. Customizable solutions
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